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Stryv has grown at an incredibly rate thanks to our amazing community of Stryvers who love our products because we focus on making them simple, powerful and beautiful.

Whether it's our Dreams Dashboard on offer for $10 or our ultra advanced StryvX personal evolution training our Stryvers love what we create to help them transform their lives.

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"Since joining the program I've increased my income 35%, lost eight pounds and landed my first client for a business I'm starting."
Johann Smit
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Saved Us Lots of Arguments

Hi my name is Victoria, I am currently participating in the StryvX program. I’m a health coach and I think it's incredibly helpful to know but one of the [...]

"The best part about the course for me was realizing that there are parts in this course that I already have that I already do in my life and it was such an affirming thing to feel like I have so got this"
Sarah-Beth Hogg
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The Support Blew Me Away

Hi my name is George Saridakis. I am from Montreal Quebec Canada and I am an instructional designer which basically means that I create e-learning courses for various clients. [...]

"I was struggling financially because on my quadrant I only had one section of the quadrant, I was missing the other three and so it was like a lightbulb moment for me where I was really able to see this is why you end up in the same spot every couple of months is because you're operating with only one section."
Cristie Campo
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"As a result my profits doubled and I am not stopping now. I've spent thousands on the big names in the industry and yet StryvX proved to be the missing link in my journey"
Dr Nadeem Abidi
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Much more than I imagined

Yvonne Wheeler Coach

When I did the Dreams Dashboard I was really excited about getting so much out of my head into display that was so concise and I could look at and be motivated and reminded daily of what I was up to. Once I completed all the areas of the D.R.E.A.M.S designer I felt so empowered and it really anchored in me who I was becoming as a woman living her vision and making a difference in the lives of people in this stage of my life. I have had to go back rarely since then as It is embodied and I feel the big picture much more since writing it all out. It has been freeing and has allowed me more time for doing many more things than I ever thought I could in much less time that I imagined.

The whole picture of your life in one sheet

Ricardo Villarreal Entrepreneur

Amazing, you see the whole picture of your life in one sheet

Quantify your dreams

Peter De Vreede

The D.R.E.A.M.S Designer in a box is a fantastic product that allows you to both quantify your dreams into something that is manageable, it also allows you to then track your progress and keep you on the right path for success. I love it.

Clarify and Monitor


To clarify and monitor my work

Diana Carlson

This product has made it VERY clear where I've been and what I've got to do to get where I'm going 😉 LOVE IT!!

Very useful in keeping my attention focussed

Chris G. Dalrymple

It is often a tough task to take the time to develop a comprehensive plan for life. There is too much to think about, it becomes too cumbersome too quickly, it just feels like a chore. The Dreams Dashboard makes this chore MUCH more manageable. Covering the major areas of life the Dreams Dashboard focuses your attention on visualizing your dreams and recording them in a manner that can give you an "at a glance" status of where you should focus your energies. I have made use of the concepts of the D.R.E.A.M.S. Designer and the Dreams Dashboard since the start of 2017. I find them to be a VERY useful tool in keeping my attention focused where it is needed. I eagerly await a new web-based version that will, I have no doubt, make this process even more streamlined and functional.

Easy to use


Easy to use.

Simple, Powerful, Well put together

Andy Martin

Awesome tool; takes you through the steps to get what's in your head (that vision, that daydream of where you want to be) written down, in a structured manner, and helps you see the path before you that will get you there! Simple stuff really, but very powerful, and well put together!

Dreams designer is The no 1 tool to have in your personal development toolbox

James McKim Business Owner

Dreams designer is The no 1 tool to have in your personal development toolbox. If you a goal getter then Dreams Designer is quite simply the most important software you can own. Get it now!

Basic and simple

Mike Carroll

What at first use may seem basic and simple is in fact the very effective reason to explore what it offers.

Got me really focussed

Joanne Griffin

Watching the modules got me really focused and motivated help me organise my head

Amazingly practical

Mike Carroll

Amazingly practical and helpful tools.

Very helpful

Nina Leavins

I am in the midst of it and enjoying it. It is very helpful

Simple concrete methods

Elizabeth Merrell Gross

Performance Lab provides simple, concrete methods to increase performance and improve physical and mental well-being along the way.

A significant improvement to my daily productivity

Donna Connor

I'm only part way through the program, but with just a couple of the tips and tricks they provide, I've seen a significant improvement to my daily productivity. I can't wait to finish the program.

Easy to use

Maya Loma

I've begun using the performance labs to gain clarity on my goals. The tools are easy to use and put into action.

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